Architetture di corpi

ΣΑΒΒΑΤΟ 7 Ιουλίου
Πινακοθήκη Κυκλάδων
Ώρα: 22:00

Η Neus Borrell και η Nuvola Vandini παρουσιάζουν ένα ντουέτο κατά το οποίο, καθώς η μια χρησιμοποιεί τη φωνή ως αφετηρία για να χορέψει, η άλλη χρησιμοποιεί τον χορό ως αφετηρία για να τραγουδήσει.

Παραγωγή: Architetture di corpi |
Χορογραφία - Ερμηνεία: Nuvola Vandini & Neus Borrell Mateu
Δραματουργία: Nuvola Vandini
Φωτογραφία: Fabio Sau
Με την υποστήριξη των: Museo di Pittura di Sant Pol del Mar (Barcellona), Leggere Strutture Art Factory (BO), ArtBo-AlmaDanza (BO)

Διάρκεια: 30'

Neus Mateu Borrell

Neus Borrell Mateu was born in Barcelona in 1993 where since a child, she studied cello at the Escula de Musica of Arenys de Mar and choir with Margarida Barbal. She tooks part in the Joven Orquestra Simfonica de Sant Cugat and continues her cello studies with Ignasi Exepare.
In 2012 she began her studies in Musicology at the Universitad Autònoma de Barcelona and worked as an assistant for the direction of a young musical formation, the Valoneta, together with the musician and pedagogue Marc Egea. In 2013 she took part in Voice Craft at the Escola Eòlia in Barcelona. In 2015 she open up her interested in the relationship between vocal techniques and body techniques, studying with Nuria Banal, Ona Mestre, she also participates in the ESMUC directed by Cesc Gelabert. In 2016 she moved to Italy to finish his studies in Musicology at DAMS. Here she continues to deepen the research singing with Cristina Zavalloni, and in dancing at the Leggere Strutture.
Some work by Neus: Tia-ia-ó disc with Coral la Nau, 2010; direction of the performance Sang de Fulla, with Marc Egea y la Valoneta, at the Museu de Pintura de Sant Pol de Mar, 2016. Together with Jordi Salvadó she presents the opera Veu at the Festival Poesia i + (2015), two years later she returns to the same Festival with Lingua Madre. She contributes to the registration of PASSEJA'T, Ciutat i Poesia (Awards Generalitat de Catalunya de les lletres catalanes, 2016).
In 2017 she participated in the Angelica Festival at the Teatro San Leonardo (Bologna), with Libera la Voce by Cristina Zavalloni.
Currently she is completing her degree thesis with the UAB, the research topic is the singing of Estil Valencià and his potential in the contemporary scene.

Nuvola Vandini

Curious and sensitive spirit, always researching, Nuvola is a dancer, teacher and choreographer, artisan of her profession. She is currently based in Bologna where she works as a teacher at SpazioDanza and at the professional programme APP_ AlmaDanza; in Italy and Europe she leads nomadic workshops. Since 2012 he has dedicated herself to a personal path of choreographic research, producing shows that are presented in Italy and Europe. Active member of the International Research Network Axis Syllabus, since 2014 he is also a candidate teacher.
Always fascinated by the human and the landscape that he creates, observes the body as a crossing area between culture, social, historical, political practices. In her work, dance is not the ending point, but the instrument to sink research into reality. A sensitive and malleable, adaptable, resilient tool, functional to a continuous transformation.