Point Zero

1st Week – 3 hours/day
13:30 – 16:30

*The workshop is open to dancers and musicians and is also offered as an independent workshop for the cost of 90 euros.*

The workshop focuses on inspiring instinct and listening amongst dancers and musicians. It looks for ways with which we can tame ourselves with the unknown, cultivating feeling and presence through movement and sound. It is an acquaintance with the limits of our perception of sound and dance through observation of the sound of movement and the movement of sound.
The workshop is a ground for the practice of presence, musicality of time and space encouraging participants to develop their personal strategies to make decisions in real time, possibly opening to new ways of thinking, being, and practicing.

Alexis Porfiriadis

Alexis Porfiriadis (Greece 1971) studied composition with Kostas Siempis and Piano Performance with Eleni Xenariou in State Conservatory of Thessaloniki. In 1997 he moved to Austria to undertake postgraduate studies at the University for Music and Performing Arts Graz where he completed his MA and Postgraduate in composition with Gerd Kuehr and Beat Furrer. He is currently working towards a PhD focusing on musical compositions which cultivate collaboration and collective responsibility between the performers (Bath Spa University, Supervisor: Prof. James Saunders).
His works have been performed in festivals such as the ISCM World Music Days 2013 (Slovakia), SITE Festival 2012 Stroud (UK), a musical minum festival 2010 (the Wulf, L.A./USA), Festival „Molinar del Segura “2006 (Alicante/Spain), Dimitria Festival 2006 (Thessaloniki/Greece) and in concerts in Europe, USA and Canada.
Porfiriadis' compositions since 2008 aim to the potential growth of group creativity based on the fairly open instructions of a score and consist mainly of verbal and graphic scores. He enjoys working with non-professional musicians and performers of all backgrounds, and adjusts his compositions to their individual needs and abilities. His creative output consists of over 60 works ranging from solo to orchestra, improvisation and tape.
As an improviser and performer, he has collaborated with artists coming from a variety of different media backgrounds in Greece, Austria and Serbia, and in 2007 he co-founded the 6daEXIt Improvisation Ensemble in Thessaloniki. He is also co-founder of the Athens based non-profit organization Music Is Network.

Vitoria Kotsalou

Vitoria Kotsalou received a BA in Psychology from the University Reading, England. Since 2004 she has been training as a dancer, taking part in dance, street theater, theater and performances in Greece and abroad as well as presenting her solo projects. In August 2012 she organized and directed the Hydra Small Dance Festival, and in 2013 she collaborated with Michael Kliën to create R.I.C.E. Her collaboration with Michael also included production management for the exhibition Parliament (presented at the Benaki Museum Athens) and dancing in Jerusalem (Athens Festival). She inspires dance through workshops and classes to children, adults, dancers and mixed ability groups. Her work is devoted to living dance: to develop necessary changes for listening and learning, for building or breaking pathways in order to experience, conceive, transform and transmit movement. Her work is focused on the observation and excavation of information the body carries within and its relevance to society. She works as much in outdoor environment as in indoor places and develops a musicality that is affected by the senses, memory as well a sound.