Wednesday July 15th 2015, at 22:00

Composer: Alexis Porfiriadis
Dancers: Vitoria Kotsalou, Vasiliki Tsangari-Xrisanthakopoulou

Air (2011) is a verbal score consisting of 40 different actions. Performer(s) are invited to make a solo or group realization of the composition using this material. The duration of the performance of the piece is indeterminate but it should not be less than 5 minutes.
If more than one performers wish to take part, all decisions regarding the realization should be discussed and agreed between all participants before the performance and should by no means be made individually or under the guidance of any third party (choreographer, composer, director etc.).
In both cases (solo or group realization), the actions that comprise Air may be combined in any manner (according to the performers’ preference), so that e.g. an action is allowed to continue while another starts; several actions are performed at the same time, etc.
The aim of Air is to observe movement as music, to “hear” movement itself. Consequently there should be no use of any kind of pre-recorded or live music during the performance. The order in which the actions are presented in this score is random and reflects no structural preference on the part of the composer.

Alexis Porfiriadis

Alexis studied composition with Gerd Kühr, Beat Furrer (2002-Master of Arts, 2003-Postgraduate, University for Music and Performing Arts Graz/Austria) and Mathias Spahlinger (visiting Professor 2003, University for Music and Performing Arts Graz/Austria). He is currently working towards a PhD focusing on musical compositions which cultivate collaboration and collective responsibility between the performers (Bath Spa University, Supervisor: Prof.James Saunders). In addition to this, his interests lie upon the potential growth of group creativity based on the fairly open instructions of a score. His compositions from the last 6 years consist mainly of verbal and graphic scores. He enjoys working with non-professional musicians and performers of all backgrounds, and adjusts his compositions to their individual needs and abilities.

He has taught Music Theory (harmony, counterpoint, fugue), Orchestration, Contemporary Musical Notation and Improvisation in State Conservatory of Thessaloniki and in Department for Music Studies of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Alexis has also convened numerous improvisation and graphic/verbal notation workshops in several academic and non-academic contexts. In his workshops he enjoys working with people of different backgrounds and ages. In the spirit of John Stevens and of Cornelius Cardew he use musical improvisation and graphic/verbal notation to mobilize people to re-find their hidden creativity.

His compositions and installations have been presented in Europe, Canada and the USA in festivals, galleries, and concert venues such as: Minoriten Saal and Heimatsaal, Graz / Austria - Museumsquartier Vienna / Austria - Salle Maene Brussels / Belgium - Gallery Senko Studio / Denmark - Festival „Molinar del Segura“, Alicante / Spain - KNOT Gallery, Athens / Greece - Dimitria Festival, Thessaloniki / Greece - Redpath Hall, McGill University, Montreal / Canada - University of Alabama / USA – a musical minum festival the Wulf, Los Angeles / USA – SITE Festival Stroud/UK.

As an improviser and performer, I have collaborated with artists coming from a variety of different media backgrounds in Greece, Austria and Serbia, and in 2007 I co-founded the 6daEXIt Improvisation Ensemble in Thessaloniki and in 2011 the Open Score Project in Athens.

Vitoria Kotsalou received a BA in Psychology from the University of Reading, England. Since 2004 she has been training as a dancer, taking part in dance, street theater, theater and performances in Greece and abroad as well as presenting her solo projects. In August 2012 she organized and directed the Hydra Small Dance Festival, and in 2013 she collaborated with Michael Kliën to create R.I.C.E. Her collaboration with Michael also included production management for the exhibition Parliament (presented at the Benaki Museum Athens) and dancing in Jerusalem (Athens Festival). Her work is devoted to living dance: to develop necessary changes for listening and learning, for building or breaking pathways in order to experience, conceive, transform and transmit movement. Her work is focused on the observation and excavation of information the body carries within and how this relates to technique in order for it to be expressed.

Vasiliki Tsagkari-Chrysanthakopoulou has studied education at the Early childhood Department of University of Athens and Dance in Dartington College of Arts in the U.K.
She has studied improvisation techniques, release techniques( Skinner releasing technique, Mary Fulkerson's Imagery Release), martial arts(Aikido and Tai-Chi) and physical theatre (Odin Theatre).
Since 2004 she has been showing her personal work and collaborating with dancers, choreographers, musicians and visual artists, creating performances and performing in theatre, music and dance events in Greece, England, Holland, Belgium and Germany.
Her main interests are sensitivity and sensuality in kin-aesthetics as well as the transformation of elements of everyday living into physical poetry. The experience of the body moving that asks to be shared, to be articulated as a public statement.

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