Join us in the town of Hermoupolis to share the same dance floor, same beach, to dance, to talk, to exchange knowledge and experiences but also to discover new ways of communication, expression and observation.

Two weeks full of workshops, performances, evening meetings, open presentations, lectures, jams

Yannis Adoniou
Kiki Baka
Nabil el Barrage & Eftyhia Panopoulos
Stamatis Benetas
Camilo Bentancor Gallardo
Ermira Goro
Tassos Karachalios
Akyllas Karazisis
Gil Kerer
Spyros Sakkas
Angeliki Stellatou
Valasia Symeonidou
Milan Tomášik
Elena Topalidou
Joe Tornabene & Thalia Ditsa
Andi Xhuma & Maria Doulgeri
Vasiliki Tsagkari Chrysanthakopoulou
Christina Zanni

Contemporary Dance
Classical Ballet
Improvisation and Composition
Vocal Art
Acting - Theatre
Indian Dance
Music composition in Yoga
Skinner releasing technique
Physical Theatre
Performance lab for movers and musicians

Also, this year we offer for free two new, special Workshops:
- Hip-Hop for children 10-11 years old
- Movement workshop for people with and without disabilities (18-48 years old)


July 8th - 21st 2017

Extension for Applications Submission for the workshops of Akropoditi DanceFest 2017

until June 15, 2017

Video & Editing: Lazaros Tzovaras, Ioanna Glykou
Photos: Kirana Gkioka, Eleanna Kotsikou, Loukia Batsi

Directed & Edited by Loukia Batsi


Akropoditi Dance Center

Iroon Polytechneiou 84
84100 Ermoupolis, Syros, Greece



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