Join us in the town of Hermoupolis to share the same dance floor, same beach, to dance, to talk, to exchange knowledge and experiences but also to discover new ways of communication, expression and observation.

Two weeks full of workshops, performances, evening meetings, open presentations, lectures, jams

Ravid Abarbanel
Kristina & Sadé Alleyne
Argyro Chioti
Jill Crovisier
Thanos Daskalopoulos
Sofia Kondylia
Vitoria Kotsalou
Polina Kremasta
Aleksandar Neskov
Vicky Panagiotaki
Aris Papadopoulos
Ioanna Paraskevopoulou
Yiota Peklari
Konstantina Polychronopoulou
Valasia Symeonidou
Eleni Toli
Ioanna Toubakari

Early Bird!

This year again, our Festival offers the choice of Early Bird with reduced prices!

Early Bird Application Dates:
Saturday March 10th 2018 – Saturday March 31st 2018


July 7 - 21 2018

6th International Festival of Dance and Dancetheatre in Syros

Video & Editing: Olga Kalantzi, Kirana Gkioka
Photos: Kirana Gkioka, Olga Kalantzi, Loukia Batsi, Dimitris Xiros


Akropoditi Dance Center

Iroon Polytechneiou 84
84100 Ermoupolis, Syros, Greece



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